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But its a secret, lulz!


2009-10-26 17:34:46 by XCaptainAwesomeX


I know, incredible right? well if you feel that you
should join anon for great justice here is the link

go nutz, North korea is out target but right
now our base is in Veneswala. Im not even
gonna bother spelling that right, well anyway
see you there.

Anon plans to raid Erepublik, and do it by its own rules

Im thinking of useing my old Al the hobo sprites, as
well as some new ones, and having a big clusterfuck-fight
against a bunch of madness people. by the way I have
been forgetting to include flash armory links into my
news-posts so here you are incase you wanna join.
we can help you with animating, programming and maybe even
music making. all we ask is that you log in once and awhile
and join us in our merry making. we got a bunch of new features
that i3's working on, like a new and improved noticeboard/music player/site navigator.
and if you join you can participate in out odd collabs and projects.

anyway Im going to be making a bunch of sprites for members
at flash armory to use in my madness flash thing. so yeah, it should
be pretty cool, you know you love it when your included in things lmao.

Well I soppose I had better get started on my madness day submittion

I wish people would you know, leave me a post-it or
somthing.....well I threw together a flash in like 30 minutes
its pretty bad lol, but its a ton better then what I did last year.

right now Im done with Captain Awesome. (me) and now
im doing one of the admin's character's Larry the viking.
who is coming along nicely if not oddly....I did him in a different
less difficult style. then after that I have to do my second character
Al the Hobo....that one should be either really really hard, or kinda
easy depending on my concentration and how much stolen Ritalin I
have left.

Im doin three characters for the FA project thingy.

It feels good to finally submit something after like what
a year? anyway its not the best animation but its above
average I guess lol. anyway it doesn't matter to me if people
don't like it, because I like it haha.

It's kinda cool I guess and it gives the artists
out there another means to express themselves
but it kinda feels.......wrong. like its something that
just doesn't quite fit here on newgrounds....its like
NG is trying to be like Deviant art...*shudders*
its only a matter of time until the Emos latch onto
the art portal and start spouting off there retarded
Emo crap....Seriously whats the deal with Emos....
what do they have to be sad about honestly...
I'll bet 90% of Emos live in the U.S. and Wtf is there
to be sad about there.....I mean here......whatever.....
anyway I maed dis:
(because we all know im weird about hobos....)

anyone else feel that the art portal is meh.?

I just got to have the custome SFX put in. then its done.
this marks the first flash this year I have actually put
an amount of effort in. well, it may not be an extremely
good flash, but im still proud of it.

hobo animation is almost done.


2009-07-18 22:58:34 by XCaptainAwesomeX

I figure im gonna stop trying to improve my artwork.
I mean if im not better then this at my age whats the point?
well anyway I was thinkin whats the use trying. I might
as well focus on something that will actually contribute
to my future, rather then waste my time and damage my ego lol.
anyway I aim to be a police officer when I get old enough and
im working on my marksmanship right now. its not that
im going to stop, its just that im gonna stop trying to
impress people. like that crap with fawx, I still think he is
an ass, but I have to admit, for someone his age he is pretty
talented, and will probably be better then me at the age
of 17. and this isn't one of those, "Oh look at me I'm so uniportant
cry for me and make me emo fan art because im not talented
enough." no its basically me coming to terms with a problem.
and I think its important to come to terms with your short comings.
and people just gotta remember, the internet isnt really serious business.
just go there and be yourself.

anyway it has come to my attention that this is becoming preachy and
annoying so im cutting this short. im still going to be making artz
but its gonna be for my personal enjoyment.

also Im looking at getting a sweet-ass lever action Winchester rifle.
that should be fun!

:Also, I don't care what you think about this, its more of
a note to myself then anything else: